Impact Report.

NFW is proud to share its first Impact Report. This inaugural impact report illustrates NFW’s vision for a truly circular material economy and dives into our work to date within each of our Ground Rules.™

A letter from NFW.


If you're reading this report, there's a good chance you care deeply about the Earth. That's pretty wonderful. We do too.

As a team of material innovators, scientists, manufacturers, and Earth-enthusiasts, we know that every aspect of our operations has an impact—be it good or bad. We are determined to ensure that, not only do we tread lightly on this planet, but that we take every opportunity to help regenerate the ecosystems on which all life depends.

This report tells the story of our work to date to wean the material economy off plastic and fossil fuels by creating (and scaling!) high-performance materials that come from nature and that can safely return to nature. This is a story about a new standard for circularity. We're trying to do things the way nature does things: every end is a new beginning.

You'll learn about our regenerative rubber project in the Songkhla Lake Watershed of Thailand. You’ll learn about our closed-loop green chemistry and manufacturing standards. You'll learn about our return-to-Earth EndWell™ Program.

The contents of this report reflect an extraordinary team effort. The supply chain is sprawling and wildly complex. To transform the material economy from the inside out, we must work closely and collaboratively with everyone from the leading consumer brands that are raising the bar on material sourcing to farmers around the world who are committing to conservation and regenerative agricultural practices.

And you, dear reader, are another important part of this story. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our work. Let's make everything better.

With determination,
Luke Haverhals and Team NFW