Stella's sustainable revolution

When Stella McCartney established her label in 2001, she quickly started raising the bar for sustainability and luxury fashion—and in turn for the entire fashion industry. And now NFW is part of that story.

In 2019, the Stella McCartney label became part of LVMH, the world’s largest luxury house (think: Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Fendi, Dior, Givenchy). Stella now serves as a special advisor on sustainability to LVMH Founder and CEO Bernard Arnault. She’s a change maker.

The Stella McCartney label has a long history of bringing new, innovative materials to the luxury market, and in recent years, the team has increased its focus on sourcing 100% biobased materials. Since Stella McCartney has always opted for leather alternatives, MIRUM® is a natural fit.

We’ve been working with the Stella McCartney team for several years to qualify, prototype, and commercialize MIRUM® in their collections. 
In March 2023, MIRUM® made its Fashion Week debut, featured in the Frayme and Falabella mini handbags for her Winter ‘23 collection. 
In October, below the Eiffel Tower, we set up a MIRUM® stall in Stella’s Sustainable Market along the runway for her Spring ‘24 collection.

As exciting as Fashion Week is, it’s the commercial launch that makes a difference in the world. These MIRUM® handbags have been available online and in showrooms for the past three collections, and we’ve got more collaborations on deck.

More than this, Stella McCartney shares our commitment to scaling regenerative agriculture in the supply chain. She partnered with us on our Climate Beneficial™ cotton initiative through C4, committing to purchasing MIRUM® made with these cotton backers and thus providing vital support for the project. That MIRUM® will be in production this year.

Stella McCartney falabella made with mirum
Stella McCartney falabella made with mirum
stella mccartney frayme made with mirum

Stella McCartney is also an investor in the Collaborative Fund, which is invested in NFW.

In an interview with Reuters at COP28, she said: "We have a leather alternative here called MIRUM®, which I'm investing in because you got to put your money where your mouth is and you've got to give these people funding to replace bad business for good business."​


And then sitting down with Bloomberg Stella explained what makes MIRUM® different: "It's absolutely the same as a real leather to touch and look and it goes through the same rigorous testing. But it's plastic-free, it's natural, and it's absolutely incredible. And it's scalable, and that is one of the most important questions for sure.”​

Sustainability. Performance. Scalability.
She gets it.